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Examples of Work:
* * * Your local techies in NYC.

What's so exciting about Cat 5 Cabling, Network Administration, Web Design, Video Surveillance and Saga Support? EVERYTHING! That is what we do! We love to Design Websites, Wire offices with Data and Voice cables, maintain regular Backup Data for offices, and install Video Surveillance systems for a variety of businesses. We approach each system as if a masterpiece. We really love this stuff. So you don't have to. Put Tech Headz to work on all your computer needs. We are confident you'll find the experience uniquely satisfying.

What is tech HEADz?


Tech Headz prides itself on one on one training, Microsoft Windows XP Support, Windows 7 Support, Windows 8 Support Computer Help, IT Support, VOIP Consulting and Installation, POS Consulting and Installation, Network Consulting and Installation, WiFi Consulting and Installation, Onsite Helpdesk Support, Remote Helpdesk Support, What is the best computer to buy? (Either laptop or desktop), Web Hosting and Web Design, Computer Graphic Designer, training for Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, and Adobe Creative Suite. Repair my web site, Hosting and Domain Help.
We love working with Architects to design office spaces and residential spaces because we can best discus the location of the technology ports, location of output devices (printers, routers, servers, TV, Speakers, etc...) and get a jump on wiring the property properly.

The Consulting firm that has real solutions for real technical problems. Tech in NYC
Functional Web Sites 
Remote Backup 
Internet Solutions WIFI installations
Video Surveillance installations 
Phone System Installations
Remote network monitoring and maintaining

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If you have computer problems we can fix them.


We fix connections to the internet problems, We fix the outlook email problems, HELP for computers that are slow, get rid of viruses, as well as install hardware and software updates for your computer.


Website Design and Development

We have various types of packages availables for new websites basic informational, flash, e-commerce, social networks, wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc.

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Help Desk



Parents have a hard time taking care of the family in this economy, maybe holding down two jobs to make ends meet. So, their children can have a nice place to live in a decent neighborhood. Children may end up alone at home and feel lonely. If this is your situation, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent danger from attacking your family through the internet. Education is the key. Click on the link below to learn more...

Seminars, Workshops and Training Events.


We will be conducting workshops on How to backup your critical data, How to avoid Viruses, What are the most important considerations in keeping your computer up to the speed it started with?

At a communty center near you we will soon be conducting workshops on Computer Literacy to help you improve your motor skills, learn how to shop online, learn how the internet works, learn how to use software you thought you would never learn. Call for more info.


Personal computer repair

Tech in NYC


Don't try to be a NERD yourself..., call us.
Web Sites, Remote Backup, Internet Solutions WIFI installations,Video Surveillance installations 


Remote Access

We can even connect to your computer remotely...

If your computer is still connected to the internet

We are able to connect to you and fix whatever problem you have.


Don't try to be a NERD by yourself...

Call Tech Headz!

(347) 785-2193


we are right here in NYC

Downtown Brooklyn, Wall St., Midtown, East Side, West Side, Harlem and Long Island.

Grand Central, Penn Station, & Port Authority


Did you Back up your computer?

This is a big problem with small businesses, emerging companies, and individuals with a busy schedule. With the internet availablility of broadband, Verizon FIOS, Cable, T1 and more, we are able to connect with you and keep your networks up and running at all times. Prevention is key and backing up remotely is the best Desaster Recovery you can have for your Critical Data. DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR DATA DOWN!